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We have three sessions in 2015 , starting date:

March 2015         July 2015         November 2015

“the goal of Medusa Recording Institute is to  promote creativity and experimentation through our solid foundation of proven concepts

       At Medusa Recording Institute LLC we train students for entry-level positions in audio production, live sound, post production for film and TV, game audio providers, and studio design and construction. Our Facilities have been designed to cover every aspect of audio recording. The studios are filled with the type of equipment that you will encounter in today’s modern studios.
     Our  Accelerated Curriculum has been designed to help you succeed and achieve your goals of working in the audio industry. If you have the passion and desire to succeed, Medusa can launch your career in months not years.  

The major focus of Medusa is to cut to the chase and bring hands on experience, through an accelerated program designed to turn out the best audio engineers in the field. We can do this in months, not years.

     At Medusa we do one thing only, and we do it well. Audio Recording And Production. Our program provides extensive hands on experience starting with the fundamentals of sound. Students work both in the analog and digital domain. Live interaction with seasoned musicians as well as learning extensive production skills using both midi sequencing and audio in our midi production studios.
Our primary educational goal is to teach the skills necessary to operate professional audio recording equipment in a variety of environments. Our classes are taught in a relaxed and friendly manner and although our training is intensive, our student to instructor ratio assures that we maximize the amount of hands on training we provide each student. Our teaching staff is comprised of an elite group of industry professionals who collectively bring the knowledge, experience, and talent required to make our audio engineering program unsurpassed.
     Our staff consists of experienced, working engineers who have studied audio engineering at some of the finest schools and colleges in the world. Our curriculum is an intense amount of knowledge, and we have collaborated and condensed all of this education into a hands on, accelerated recording arts program.
       1-234-855-1800     Medusa Recording Institute LLC. is registered by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools.                                                       Registration NO. 13-11-2035T                                             2403 South Avenue, Youngstown OH , 44502                                                            2015